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General RET Information

The Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program at BYU is designed to give secondary physics and physical science teachers an opportunity to participate in a summer research experience. The intent is to give these teachers an opportunity to enliven their teaching for their students by receiving hands-on experiences they can transfer to classroom instruction and laboratory examples.

Past participants in the program have been very positive about how their participation has sharpened their own skills and given energy and relevance to their teaching.

The RET program is closely coupled to the concurrent Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program described under other links. You can go to the "Projects" link for descriptions of the various projects you could be involved in. The RET program differs from the REU program mainly in the amount of stipend offered to participating teachers, discussions about how to integrate the summer research experience into classroom instruction, and the availability of laboratory equipment for participating teachers to bring back to their classrooms. Details can be found in the program information tab.

Specifics about applying for the program, stipends, and expectations can be found under the program information link. For any other questions, please email us at

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